Friday, April 20, 2012


Something I have been meaning to post after a lovely afternoon of browsing in
 the ether of my world a month or so ago.   These are bits of the paperwork that my Mom sent to me when I applied for my passport to visit some Third World island or another owned by the
cruise line on an Hawaiian cruise.

I was taken aback to discover name change documents.  Can't describe the feeling in my stomach .
But, for those of you who know me you know that I have always been called by one different name or I guess this doesn't surprise me much.  But, still.......       :)

( * I have, in most case, made it a point to crop out actual (documented) birth dates and other identifying info.  Should the day come that I were to be contacted I would not want that information to be compromised.  I hope you understand.)

According to my father, this is our German housekeeper who called me Sugarfoot.

Note from my Mom enclosed with papers.
My adoption papers still sit in the family lock box.  Over the years I have repeatedly declined to take possession of them.  I can't imagine what info they contain.
  I had always promised that there would be time when my Mother had passed.
She is now, 100.
Clearly, she is getting the last laugh over the naysayers who told her she was too old to adopt a baby.  ;)