Friday, October 28, 2011


I wanted to put these words down before I lost them.  ~Mimi

 Tchalai says: "We have learnt a great deal, in a painful act of balance between maintaining and blending in. Between self respect and survival. Add to this that there remains in our chromosomes the old conviction that, having descended from the stars we shall go back to the stars. No one will ever be able to translate the profound melody of blood and memory. It has to be shared. It cannot be MADE to share."

I like that-"the profound melody of blood and memory."

I thank you for your comments on the last blog post.  I do so love you all.  :)

Worry not, for I am not afraid.  And I'm quite positive that I don't want to meet up with my birth parents, especially in some Jerry Springer/Dr. Phil-style drama.  I care naught for her reasons or his excuses.  Decisions were made and I hold no ill will.  Absolutely none.  And, being the loner and wanderer that I am I have no desire to bring another set of people into my life.  I seek no relationships.  My quest here, is to go back further.  Way back.  To the blood and bone and heart and soul of my heritage.   To know my past.
I just don't feel (and never have) that I am who others say I am.  I want to say:  "My great-great-great grandfather stood here."  For me, it's all about the blood.

How will I do this?   Probably quite passively.  I believe the Universe has a way of taking you exactly where you need to be.  And I'm going to trust in that.  Sometimes the less we do....the more we gain.  But I do know this-it will be a wondrous journey!  Thanks for your willingness to share it with me.

Where do we go from here?  The sky's the limit!  Come fly with me!



Marigold said...

If I can fly, I might actually make it over the fence to the alfalfa. Yes, it could happen. I have the ears for it.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

I remember seeing a television program once (shocking I know, since I don't watch TV as a rule), about ethnicity and blood. There were people who had had a test done, which could show their ancestry to an extent. Enough is known about DNA patterns now to narrow it down to certain geographical areas with a high percentage of reliability. I'm not sure if this is available to the general public, but it might be, in which case, it would be an interesting thing to try!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Ah-hah! It is available, as a kit! What fun!