Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's Start at the Ver-ry Be-gin-ing....a Very Fine Place to Start.........

My Passport photo
Hey-ho Fellow Travelers!

Given that I have absolutely no idea as to what I'm doing, or how to progress in this endeavor, for that matter, I though that I should start at the very beginning of what I know the beginning to be to set out some of the few tangible items I recall from  my early childhood that relate to Germany.

 And, couldn't you figure it, the very first thing I remember is:  Garb! 

Yes, garb.  (If you know me and/or follow my other blogs you are laughing right now.)  Apparently, the first clothing I was to own (more or less-I'm pretty sure I left the Kinderheim with a diaper and blankie.)  (That's a joke, by the by.  Me new Mum was an avid shopper and I was quite the well dressed lass....up to, and including in years to come, the Mother-Daughter matching dresses from Sears!)  But, from my earliest memories I recall her dragging out the wicker basket of authentic German costuming and telling the story of her flying into Ireland with me, her pockets stuffed with baby bottles and, apparently, her suitcase containing some really cool costumes!

(To digress, my Mum was really into costuming.  Me.  Never herself.  My first Halloween memory is of being Little Red Riding Hood.  Oh, what I would give for that cape now!  And it went on.  Cowgirl, pirate, gypsy, movie star, Indian, Cinderella.....and more.  And costumes weren't just reserved for Halloween.  They were a part of the everyday play-box.  The wee six-shooters were the best!  Cinderella never left home without them!  And a tiny Derringer which, Mum said very primly, a lady carried in her purse.  Good to know.  Uncle Whitey was always good for a game of Bang-Bang You're Dead.  He took a bullet most convincingly.  But then, Uncle Whitey was good for absolutely anything you could dream up, up to and including lighting the wooden match when I wanted to see what happened if you set fire to the gunpowder in the Derringer caps.  But, now I'm really digressing.  And I promise to come back to Uncle Whitey.  He deserves his own blog.  And, quite possibly, sainthood.  I love.  Love.  Love my Uncle Whitey.)

But, back to garb.

To my knowledge, there do not seem to be any existing photos of me in said garb, but it has existed, nonetheless, in that same wicker basket and has dutifully moved with me to every new closet.

I'll share with you today some of what, apparently, was to be a part of my destiny for the rest of my life.  It's no secret that I much prefer the magic of dress.

During my search I turned up the following beauties.  Books my father had set aside for me.  They are now so old yet so wonderfully preserved.  Inside, a few had inscriptions which I will include here.  And, quite intriguingly,  two pressed flowers in one of the books.  Perfectly set.  The remaining detail after 50 years is amazing.  I wish them to last another 50 more.  If anyone can identify them I'd love to know what they are.  My wish is for edelweiss.  And also to know how and why them came to be there.  They have a story.....but clearly they aren't talking..........    Enjoy. 

These flowers have a secret........

 This photo always spoke to me.  It said:  Orphanage.
(Very Dickensian of me, eh?)   ;)

Such sincere thanks to my Readers for agreeing to gypsy travel with me.

A photo taken of edelweiss taken from the internet.
I think I may be right.  :)


Merlyn said...

well that explains a lot about the costuming...funny that...your wee clothes, my rooting around in the Sampson's attic... :) Good for you in the digging!

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Yes, absolutely you are right about the Edelweiss. You can even see the leaf structure in the leaves on the stems. No question at all. You must already know that they are associated with courage and daring, both of which you have in spades.

The blue crocheted dress just made my heart skip a beat. The work in it! Oh my word, it is a delight. I can just imagine your wee self in it too.

Marigold said...

I agree with Claire! Edelweiss for sure! My thought on seeing the little blue jumper was that it looks like something on a Madame Alexander International series doll! How cute! Looks like you had no choice but to be interested in clothing. I'm interested too, but no one listens. :)

Pricilla said...

How sweet to have them...

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers and all that garb!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Those are wonderful, Auntie Sea Mimi! I see where you received inspiration for Darla's attire! My lady has relatives that came from Heidelberg. She has been there. Very pretty city.

Candy C. said...

A girl's gotta have her garb! It is lovely that you still have all those beautiful dresses and the books!

Evening Light Writer said...

Ohh lucky you to have such treasures! I love an old book especially an old book with flowers pressed inside, how lovely!I especially love the light blue knitted dress. Where can I find something like that? Cheers for the memories.