Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Not Crazy...My Mother Had Me Tested......

Since yesterday was such a wretched day of trying to sort out my Mother's long life, with her still in it, 
it made me laugh long and hard when I stumbled upon this certificate!

For those of you who are fans of the sitcom BIG BANG THEORY
(and I am a HUGE fan!  brilliant, by the way!)
you'll REALLY appreciate the joke!

So, for those of you who might have suspected......

"I'm not crazy.    My Mother had me tested."

See?  It says so right here!  :)

(Though, little did they know, they had a Bedlamite in the making!)

Find something to laugh out loud about today!
It's good for the Soul!


Merlyn Fuller said...

Aye, well that may have been true then....but they didn't have the test back then for excessive neatness. They have since mapped the Felix Unger gene.

There is no cure except for a messy husband. ;)

Marigold said...

Doin' my best to find that something to laugh about every single day!