Monday, May 28, 2012

Une fleur de l'amour d'un jardin en France

A few more treasures from yesterday's journey to the past.......

At left, a photograph of my mother's family at a wedding.
To right, and unknown photograph found buried at the bottom of a 
candy box full of lace hankies.
At center, some amazingly beautiful vintage trinket...and my favorite of all, a cameo.
(I am quite enamored of cameos!)

The ecru lace you see behind is sewn to a scarf of black tulle.
The label remarks:  made in France

I had thought to stumble upon a stack of love letters but so far I haven't.
Only this one, preserved with a rose.  Dated 1944
My father says that it was "given to me by a French woman who picked it in her garden"
He also says that he "kissed this flower before sending it"

At this time, my parents were married.

Ahhh...the lost art of the romantic letter......
EBB would be so proud........

Une fleur de l'amour d'un jardin en France.


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